How to open a Group Stash and get the 4.5% interest p.a.
1. Open a Tonik Account and create a Group Stash

Whoever starts a Group Stash is the group owner. 

2. Invite other friends with Tonik Accounts

You're free to invite more, but the minimum number of Group Stash members should amount to 3 people.

3. All 3 members must contribute at least ₱1 for the Group Stash to earn 4.5% interest p.a.

The rate will be adjusted automatically and interest will be paid at the end of the month.​

4. Planning to withdraw? Ask your Group Stash owner!

If that's you, then no problem! But only the group owner can withdraw. Make sure the owner is a responsible friend you trust!

Your money's safe with us, luvs! All deposits are insured by PDIC up to ₱500,000 per depositor.
What can you use a Group Stash for? Let us count the ways.​
Barkada Travel Goals
Wherever you wanna go with your squad, make it happen by saving together in a Stash!
House Bills, Bills, Bills!
Raise the right funds for all those living expenses with your roomies or housemates.
Bunso’s Tuition Stash
Do your folks a favor and make a Stash with your sibs to pay for bunso’s schooling.
Family Car Fund
Need a new car for the fam? Pool your cash together for a sweeter ride!
Make Your #SquadGoals a Reality with Tonik's Group Stash

Start your neobanking romance now!