Fees and Charges

Deposit Channels Transaction Fee (in PHP) Max. Amount / Transaction1 (in PHP)
InstaPay1 varies depending on sending bank varies depending on sending bank
PESONet1 varies depending on sending bank varies depending on sending bank
Gcash 30 95,000
BPI 30 50,000 (daily limit)
Unionbank 30 100,000 (daily limit)
Chinabank 30 45,000 (daily limit)
RCBC 30 45,000 (daily limit)

1. Maximum amount / transaction is subject to Tonik Account balance limit.
Please note: Other banks may charge additional fees for transfers via InstaPay and PESONet. Please check with your other banks.

Withdrawal Channels Transaction Fee (in PHP)2 Max. Amount / Transaction (in PHP)
Other Tonik Account FREE 1,000,000.003
PESONet FREE 250,000.003
InstaPay FREE 50,000.00
Mastercard ATMs (local) 250.004 varies depending on the acquiring bank up to 50,000 daily

2. Withdrawal fee is waived for loan withdrawal.
3. Subject to a maximum balance limit of recipient’s account or fund availability.
4. ATM access fee is set by the acquiring bank.
Please note: Some banks may charge additional access fees, which are not in our control, and are non-refundable by us. Before using an ATM, we recommend checking the policy of the ATM owner on access fees.

Card Payments Transaction Limit Daily Transaction Limit (in PHP)
Virtual Debit Card (for account before submission of ID) 50,000.00
Virtual Debit Card (for account after Submission of ID) 250,000.00
Physical Debit Card 450,000.00

Account Related Charges Charges (in PHP)
Monthly charge for falling below the required ADB waived
Monthly account maintenance charge waived
Monthly dormancy charge waived
Account closure charge waived
Request for a Bank Certificate waived
Debit card issuance charge 300.00
Debit card replacement charge 300.00